Project Cargo

In the transport of large industrial plants, Gorgoni Srl has acquired competence and professionalism over the years by carrying out transport of wind plants, new industrial plants and relocation of existing plants. Thanks to our knowledge of the maritime sector, we can offer customized solutions for full or partial vessel loads, optmizing costs while always keeping delivery times under control. " The first projects in the wind sector dated back 2006. We have organized export shipments of locally produced wind towers to various Mediterranean countries. This first phase was followed by shipments of whole wind mill plants ( towers, nacelle and blades) which were stored in port before delivery.

The control of the various activities in terms of respecting the times and the immediate communication of small damages allowed us to fully satisfy our client. We always start from the local reality of production of parts of industrial plants, we have accumulated experience in shipments of out of gauge cargo that need a careful assessment of the maritime part in order to reach the countries of destination. The correct identification of the nautical means was our winning key to achieve the goal with the best value for money. In the offshore sector, our strengths are the speed of response to customer requests and above all the ability to respect delivery times.

Lifting Canadair after broken.

Steel construction.

Section of new Morandi's bridge.

Wind tower section.

Unloading fishing boat.

Loading tower section.

Loading steel constructions and pipes.

Loading wind turbine, 2008.

Boarding wind turbine, 2009.

Shipping pipes for Oil & Gas, 2019 .

Impianto di raffreddamento Oil and Gas, 2008. .