Aid & Missions

Transport is not for us a simple transfer of goods or materials from one place to another, but a series of contracts for the purchase and sale of services that must be well connected and for which it is therefore necessary to carry out a careful analysis, including of the variables economic and documentary.

And this is what differentiates us from the model of our competitors' multinational companies, which, operating a sort of taxation, propose standard transport models, which do not provide for a personalized analysis of the needs of the clients.

For several years we have started to operate in countries in difficulty and in critical areas - where UN intervention was needed. Over time, we have built a network of correspondents thanks to which we are able to achieve the required objectives and meet certain deadlines - which is certainly not a simple thing in Africa.

Always in relation to this type of orders, we subsequently made deliveries to Iraq and at this time we are also very present in Syria.
Our company works with a view to partnership with the client, with whom it deals with the evaluation of market proposals.

Aids to Iraqi, 2018

Aids to Syrian People, 2018

Vehicles to Syria

Ablutions units to Laayoune Western Sahara 2016

Shipment of Heavy Equipment to Mogadishu (Somalia), 2019

Armored UN vehicles from Berbera Port to Bosaso Port (Somalia)

Shipment from Brindisi (Italy) to Chad (Africa)